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Sara Herring                                                                                                            Tel: +61 412771612

Life has thrown many things my way over the years, just recently, cancer, that was a wake-up call, I never thought that I, a holistic therapist would have! The cancer has all gone now, it was a trauma and a shock to my system that I didn’t need but I wasn’t looking after me, I was so busy looking after others, family, clients, friends even strangers that I’d forgotten about me….then BAM…..hello you have endometrial cancer.

You see I’d stopped listening to my body, too busy with others, I’d noticed the decline in energy, the sleeplessness, the bleeding, the anxious feelings, but thought it would be all ok, because to me it was only menopause, and I would be through that soon, I had the tools to cope, but I ignored the signs! You see it was easier to keep going than to address the internal issues that were circling.

When I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, vestibular neuronitis and other diseases I looked and dug deep inside, releasing the negativity that was holding them in place.

I know what it’s like to live the nightmare of an abusive relationship, and to go through the agony of court to get custody of my children, to be stalked, to walk on eggshells, constantly in living in fear.

The more knowledge I gained the more I could let go of. So here I went again because of the cancer….looking inside, taking time to do this.

Having a full hysterectomy stopped me in my tracks, making me concentrate on me, it wasn’t easy…. however I did it, receiving the all clear was a relief, but at that moment I realized that I had a choice and I’d chosen to live. 

I didn’t want to fight anymore I wanted to be at peace, this was a realization that I had the control back, nothing and no one was going to control me ever again, and I know that pain and suffering is part of life but it’s my choice now, and I choose happiness, health and wellbeing.

I am not a survivor I am a thriver! I am helping others, it’s my mission. I understand.

I have my life back.

I know I do as there is no longer a hole in my soul, there's no longer no point to my life, there's no more being unhappy and sad, and I have joy, happiness.

I can now think straight, that numbness has been released from the inside, I can do things right, I just know things, and I know who I am and I'm happy being who I am, I'm no longer thinking it's all too hard, I'm no longer thinking I want to give up, I'm no longer thinking there's no time for me, I'm no longer feeling that I have to give and give and give and give.

I went through this alone, you don’t have to, I can help you, I know your pain, your fear, your anger, your trauma, and how you live behind a mask. I’m still here and know it’s to help you live again, to be free, healthy and vibrant, living a life of passion.

I can honestly say that healing starts within, it is an inside out job.

It’s a decision we make on some level to be better than we are now, that knowing that things can be healthier and happier. I know as I have had to look deep inside to bring me back to living.

Today I’m following my dreams, I run a successful therapy practice, I'm the Head of the Academy of Hypnotic Science, and helping others, to delve deep within to change without, working on eliminating trauma, guilt, burdens, and negative beliefs, to bring back happy.

Nothing is impossible if you dare to believe!

With love and laughter



ThetaHealing Master

Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy

Diploma Counselling

Cert IV Clinical Hypnotherapy


Ego State Therapist/Resource Therapist

Clinical Resource Therapist

NLP Master Coach

NLP Master Practitioner

Virtual Gastric Banding Therapist – trained with Sheila Granger

Past Life Regression Therapist

First Aid Certificate

Diploma Beauty Therapy


Melbourne Clinical Hypnotherapist

Theta Healing Master

Head of the Academy of Hypnotic Science

Hi I’m Sara

I have been helping people heal from traumas, shock, grief, burdens, and being stuck in negative patterns for over 30 years, utilising a range of natural therapies. 

I’m driven by helping people get rid of their blocks, their intrusive negative thoughts, the constant reverberation of ‘I’m not good enough’ and thinking that there is no point to their life, to let them be healthier and happier and in control of their lives.

I really get frustrated when I can see the potential in others that is not being fulfilled.

I’m here to help you to fulfil your potential and together we can get you to that place you have always dreamed of, that version of you that you have hidden away.

I love to work with clients on a one-to-one basis, in person, via zoom or telephone, and I really enjoy running workshops, I have many meditations and Theta Hypnotherapy tracks for you to enjoy.  

“Sara has been Incredible in understanding my issues and helping me find my path”

Arti Mayan
Melbourne Australia 

“I feel like a new person, thank you Sara from the bottom of my heart. I never thought I could feel this level of happiness, and as you said it would be easy!”

United States

Sara Herring                                                                                                            Tel: +61 412771612

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Sara is incredibly intuitive. She has truly helped me grow as a person.


Melbourne Australia