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Sara Herring                                                                                                            Tel: +61 412771612

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Therapist Life Care

As a Therapist you sometimes forget about yourself, you think that you are OK, you believe that you can fix yourself, and yes you probably can, but


Do you take that time?  

When do you take that time, when it’s too late, when you are carrying everyone else, and their energy with you, when you are burned out! 

What is your cost to you for caring for others?

What is your worth?

How much is it costing you in energy/time/family life?

As a Therapist:

  • Do you have a work/life balance?
  • Do you take your client’s issues and problems home with you?
  • Do you ruminate on your clients and/or their sessions?
  • Do you feel fatigued for no reason?
  • Do you dread certain clients coming?
  • Can you set your own boundaries?
  • Do you know how to work with energy fields?
  • Can you and do you clear your own energy?

At TLC you will discover and then learn how to understand and reduce:

  • Why you take on other people’s problems.
  • Why you can have compassionate fatigue.
  • Why you can have burn out

Let TLC help you to:

  • Identify your issues that cause you take on your clients/families energy, or problems.
  • Learn how to say NO with ease, without feeling guilty or pressured.
  • Release your own traumas/issues

Do something about it now…. Take a program/session at TLC and free up your life NOW. 


  • Ability to clear energy
  • Enhanced quality of work with clients
  • Better work life balance
  • Improved mental and physical wellness
  • Less stress, anxiety, depression.
  • More motivation and energy.
  • Improved relationships with self, family, friends, personal, professional, clients
  • Feeling happier and more in control
  • Recognise energy and how to work with it. 

Let's Make The Rest of Your Life the best of your Life!

  • "The all seeing all knowing Sara, sometimes I think you can see right through me.  I have worked with you many times and each time you give me your absolute best by helping me to see the truth in what I create for myself and how I run my Therapy clinic for my clients, often forgetting about myself. What would I have done without your wonderful clear messages and guidance. Thank you."

    Jeannie Wild-Nickless

    Creating Positive Inner Change  

    Complimentary Holistic Therapist 

    “All good therapists need a therapist – and Sara is my go to therapist! I have released blocks that hold me back from my professional evolution; I have learnt how to set clearer work / life boundaries to thrive with a busy practice and I understand that it’s a constant evolution that requires me to ‘walk the talk’ I set for my own clients – self first and then serve others.

    I enjoy my monthly Sara sessions and I enjoy the process of not always knowing how she helps me facilitate great positive and powerful shifts …”

    Dr Amanda Hordern

    Director Bayside Healthy Living

    “As a therapist myself I am always wanting to keep growing and working on issues as they arise and Sara is who I go and see when I need support as I get so much out of every session. I’ve learnt a lot from Sara through her healings and workshops and grown as a person and therapist and released a lot. Sara is really good at what she does, has integrity and has a strong belief in her work and herself as a healer and I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

    Angela Damelio 

    Reiki Master and Yoga Teacher

    Sara Herring                                                                                                            Tel: +61 412771612

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    “Sara has definitely helped me make a change in my life. To go from being pessimistic and focusing on the failure of every situation to being reminded of the things i value in life and being helped to build my own strategies to improve my outlook of life and my lifestyle. Highly recommend”