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Sara Herring                                                                                                            Tel: +61 412771612

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Anxiety Relief/Help Program

Is fear holding you back?

Do you get anxious over the slightest thing?

Do you have panic attacks?

Do you have Social Anxiety?

Are you constantly worried? Even about seemingly unimportant things?


Do you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders?


Is your anxiousness interfering with your day-to-day life? 


Are you having trouble concentrating?

How is your sleep? Are you sleeping?


Do you fear going out or leaving home?


Do you suffer with shortness of breath?

Does your heart feel like it is pounding hard or fast or both?


Are your hands and/or legs shaking?

Do you notice you are sweating when it is not even hot?


Do you feeling overly scared or apprehensive?

Do you worry about the past? What about the future? How about right now?


Do you have physical symptoms?


•  Stomach upsets?

•  Chest pains?

•  Diarrhoea?

•  Headaches?

•  Blushing?

•  Heart racing?

Many people live in the world controlled by their fears, feeling incredibly anxious and having phobias that can dominate their lives. We offer a range of fast, effective and powerful techniques to help you overcome any phobia, fear or anxiety that may be crippling your chance of a successful and happy life.

In one session you will begin to feel a sense of courage, control and confidence to embrace your life and create the future you want.


Eliminate any fear, phobia or anxiety efficiently and effectively. NOW


Build confidence, courage and self-esteem. NOW


Change habits. NOW (nail biting, clenched jaw, smoking, eating patterns etc)


Design amazing goals and measure your success. NOW


Embrace motivation strategies to encourage you to do anything you desire. NOW


Lets put joy back into your life. NOW


Very often, once sparked, it can gradually become worse or affect you in more and more situations. It can begin to limit your life and your enjoyment of it.


At ThetaVille we specilise in quick and successful ways of releasing the cause of anxiety, allowing you to feel free and be back in control of your life.


Your Anxiety Relief Progam consists of 3 sessions, and a take home recording.







I am unique in my approach to your issues; I use all that I have learnt, my intuition and my 35 years of learning to help you. As you are unique, so will your session be, as I work with you and your belief systems.

Sessions can be either face-to-face, phone or Zoom. 

Take control of your life, make an appointment NOW, and live the life of your dreams!

Call today, so that I can help you start on your journey of health and well-being. 

I look forward to meeting you and working with you to achieve the results and find the solutions you have been looking for.

Being a clinical hypnotherapist, I am a member of the the AACHP, GoAH and the HCA, all Australian associations. This means that I am properly trained and my qualifications are government accredited, meaning that I am adequately insured and professionally supervised. I regularly undertake ongoing professional development so you can be assured that I am up to date with the latest developments in this profession and the techniques. I am also bound by the Associations code of ethics.


ThetaHealing Master

Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy

Diploma Counselling

Cert IV Clinical Hypnotherapy


Ego State Therapist/Resource Therapist

Clinical Resource Therapist

NLP Master Coach

NLP Master Practitioner

Virtual Gastric Banding Therapist – trained with Sheila Granger

Past Life Regression Therapist

First Aid Certificate

Diploma Beauty Therapy

Health Fund Rebates Available for Participating Funds


HCA - Hypnotherapy Council of Australia 

AACHP - Australian Association Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

AHA - Australian Hypnotherapy Association

GoAH - Guild of Australian Hypnotherapists


Current Working with Children Check

Current Police Check

Sara is the Head of the Academy of Hypnotic Science, the only Government Accredited College in Melbourne. 

“Beautiful Sara,

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.

It brought out so much in me: empowered,      emotional, enlightened      lifted, peaceful, inspired, guided by a beautiful spirit, an amazing journey, gracious, calm, truth and understanding, awareness knowing, total respect and trust in my guided master / healer, time to step outside

as I type, SMILE, SMILE, SMILE, wow it feels good naa naa naa naa naa.

Thankyou Sara,  for this wonderful journey that I've begun. You have enriched my life.

Peace love and happiness Margaret x 

“I have known Sara since 2008. Sara is dedicated and true to her purpose in making a profound difference in the lives of those she comes into contact with, both professionally and personally. Sara walks her talk. She is upfront and no nonsense in her approach and will not let you wiggle out of your convoluted entanglements that are keeping you stuck.

Since I have known Sara she has continued to grow in her skill set and competence and confidence to become an even more amazingly gifted healer/ hypnotherapist/ teacher and guide.

I would highly recommend Sara if you are needing to get to the bottom of on issue that has eluded you. If you are ready to get out of your own way and did not know how to or where to start.

When recalling one impromptu session with Sara, I thought it funny that I have always struggled to trust completely and did not think I could be hypnotised. Sara proved this incorrect as she had my fully aware and coherent and simultaneously in trance. I was still in control and had free will, yet an awareness of what was needed to be addressed was readily accessible as well.

This helped me to feel an active participant in the process and this worked well with my trust and control  related tendencies.


Kinesiologist / Thetahealer/ Dental Hygienist

“I had a session with Sara 2 days before I had to do a major presentation at work, I was highly stressed, as I tended to stutter and forget the information when I had spoken in public before. I cannot tell you how calm, cool and collected I was. It was a breeze and I am even looking forward to speaking again....the Hypnotherapy that Sara does is incredible......highly recommend her”

Bridget B

Sara Herring                                                                                                            Tel: +61 412771612

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“Sara has definitely helped me make a change in my life. To go from being pessimistic and focusing on the failure of every situation to being reminded of the things i value in life and being helped to build my own strategies to improve my outlook of life and my lifestyle. Highly recommend”